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Ho Chi Minh once quoted: “Five greatest quality that Vietnamese woman possesses are Bravery – Strong-willed – Faithfulness – Capable”. Vietnamese woman has always been able to promote their strength and qualities, contributing to the betterment of the whole society. Since AGS’ first establishment, our female counterparts have been an important factor to our success up until now. There is saying: “Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater”, this is true as ever because when leaving social responsibilities behind, they return home to be a mother and a wife. On 20th of October 2019, Woman Union of Vietnam marked its 89th birthday, and to celebrate this day, AGS Co., Ltd held “Traditional Market 2019” at Cam Ranh International Airport. The event is also a part of the company social event and cultural activities in the hopes of gathering business partners, state authorities and airlines at Cam Ranh International Airport around to meet, tighten relationship as well as entertaining our distinguished guests, our staffs after months of hard work.

This year, there are 12 booths in total, aside from AGS departments and CIAS, we are honored by the presence of Cam Ranh International Airport (CRIA), Cam Ranh International Terminal Co., Ltd (CRTC) and Vietnam Air Catering Service JSC. (VINACS). All the booths were stunning under the skillful artisanship; each has its own unique feature. To recreate the Traditional Market, and let our guests can thoroughly enjoy the old vibe of Vietnamese market, the booths were made from bamboo, the roof were thatched with tree leaves and straws.






Throughout each year, Traditional Market has always seemed to satisfy everyone’s palate with local and regional delicacies. However, our organizers to decide to spice up the event a little bit more with musical and dancing shows, performed by our talented staffs.



When looking back into the past, as a child, when we joined our grandmothers, our mother on the way to the market, sometimes, we could see Old Masters at the market – these are master in Confucianism, they can write Vietnamese and Chinese letters gracefully with a few strokes of their brush. Whoever interests in the service can share their wishes and the Old Master shall put a letter or a sentences on a crimson paper that would fit the description. These letters can be for luck or simply a reminder to us about a certain essence of life. Indeed, the images of an Old Master is a pinnacle of a Traditional Market. This year, AGS decides to invite an Old Master to join our event. It is part of the organizers’ vision to make the experience real to participants.  


“Traditional Market 2019” has been a great success – it has fulfilled all the elements that organizers wish to archive. It has been a great event for everyone to relax after months of hard work, a place for artisanship and talents can be freely express; national cultural identity and the images of Vietnamese woman is well preserved. As the organizers, we wish that everyone will join hands and together, we will success.