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88 years ago, Vietnam Women’s Union was established on the 20th Oct, 1930 and to celebrate this day, Aviation Ground Services., Ltd (AGS) and Cam Ranh International Airport Services., Jsc (CIAS) had once again joined hands and co-hosted “Traditional Market 2018 Event’ on the 18th Oct, 2018. Through this event, we tried to recreate the old Vietnam, a simple, rustic life and yet brings a sense of unity and blissfulness.

“Traditional Market 2018” was also the occasion in order to exchange and improve the relationship between companies, units, and airlines that have been operating at Cam Ranh International Airport... Some great moments were captured in our frame: Female co-workers dressed in  “áo bà ba” (Vietnamese Silk Ensemble - kind of shirt used by South Vietnamese people); Lit up faces while enjoying company of good friends …

Everyone were having a wonderful time, all thanks to the unsung hero of this event - the event organizers which are the very talented staffs from AGS and CIAS.  They built huts and furniture from tree-leaves and bamboo. Together, they have worked tirelessly to fill shopping carts with flower and Vietnamese delicacies. It was the quintessence combination of culinary culture of all regions (North-Central-South) through out Viet Nam. Visitors could enjoy many kinds of traditional dishes with delicious taste: noodle with fried tofu & shrimp paste – “Bún Đậu Mắm Tôm”, “nem chao”, “giả cầy”,… from the Northern region; “bê thui cầu mống”, “tré”, “chả bò”,… special dishes from the Central region of Viet Nam; pancake – “Bánh Xèo”, grilled Snakehead fish,… from the South. On the other hand, trademark cuisines of Khanh Hoa province were also introduced such as “Nem Ninh Hòa”, “Bánh Căn”, grilled seafood,...

Despite all the hard work, not a single soul felt the tiredness. There is a central feeling that everyone shared, the longing for the old Vietnam which is hard to look for in modern cities. There is a slight twist – but a heartfelt one in the nature of this market, we exchange laughs and joy instead of goods. Without a doubt, this has been a great visual memoir of the old Vietnam.